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Treatment of scabies

topical medications:

1. topical benzyl benzoate lotion
  • (25% for adults, 12.5% for children aged 3 to 12)
  • 3 applications at 24-hour intervals

2. topical lindane (1%)
  • 2 applications for 8 hours

3. topical permethrin 5% lotion
  • single application, washed after 8 hours

4. crotamiton cream (eurax) repeat nightly for 3 to 5 nights

5. sulphur in calamine lotion: useful in pregnant or nursing mother and neonates

oral medication
  • ivermectin
  • 200ug/kg

  • apply the entire skin from neck below
  • pay special attention to the groin, fingerwebs, toewebs

Adjuvant therapy
  • antihistamine for relief of itch
  • topical corticosteroids

Environment measures
  • treatment of all close contacts even if asymptomatic
  • wash all bed linens, towels and clothes that were worn in the 2 days before each application. use hot water.

source: if not mistaken it's from the dermato lecture
jh A111218

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Anonymous said...

just to add on:

topical lindane and permethrin are not for children < 2 y/o

Crotamiton cream usually for baby

If pt ask u to define how hot water is hot~
> or = 60 degree C

for those toys cannot be washed: seal properly and left for at least 5 days

teddy bears can be sealed and put in freezer overnight if not washed

A113891, add on notes fr lecturer's mouth =p

wkhung said...


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