Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unsure of date

Shortcase O&G

Examiner :
You may ask her one question. What would you ask?

Student :
Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
* any women patient especially with O&G examiner, the most important question is LMP.

Patient :
Unsure of date of LMP

Examiner :
So the patient is unsure of her dates. You may further ask her 4 questions now.

Answer :
1. OCP use which produce anovulatory cycle.
2. Breastfeeding --> hyperprolactinemia --> inhibit FSH/LH --> Anovulatory
3. If IVF was done --> when is the embryo being transfered?
4. Date of quickening
5. Regularity of menses
6. Any early ultrasound scan result
* the 1st 4 questions are more important

Examiner :
You may proceed with the abdominal examination (examine in usual manner as obstetric examination)

this is our mock shortcase O&G with prof a**** last week.


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