Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colour Coding for Antenatal (KIA)

RED (admit hospital)

YELLOW (FM specialist or OnG speacialist)


*PE- ↑BP with urine alb 1+/symptomatic/ BP> 160/110mmHg

*heart problem with symptoms(palpitation n dyspnea

*dyspnea on light activities

*uncontrolled GDM or urine ketone≥ 1+

*pervaginal bleed

*AbN fetal HR

^FHR≤110bpm after 26w

^FHR≥160bpm after 34w

*symptomatic anemia

*premature contraction


*severe asthmatic attack

*HIV +ve

*Hep B +ve

*BP 140-160/90-110 mmHg with –ve urine alb


*post date >7days



*rhesus –ve

*mother wt <45kg

*current medical prob (psy or OKU)

*past gynae surgery

*on drugs abuse, alcoholism, or smoker

*recurrent miscarriage ≥3x

*past obs hx:

^LSCS or instrumental delivery


^Baby birth wt <2.5 or >4.0 kg

^retained placenta or PPH


*twin pregnancy

*urine alb 1+

*wt >80kg or increase wt >2kg/week

*AbN lie at ≥36w

*head not engaged at ≥38w for primid

White I (hospital)


*age <18 and > 40 year old


*gap between birth <2 years or > 5years

*mother prob (ht <145cm, ibu tunggal)

White II(home/alternative birth centre)

*gravid 2-5

*no past obs hx, no medical prob, no cx after delivery.

*ht >145cm

*mother age >18, < 40 year old

*married mother with good family support

*POA >37 w and < 41w

*estimated birth wt >2.5-3.5kg

source: buku merah (buku f/up antenatal)



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