Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) - How to use it?

Medical students MUST know how to instruct patient on the technique of using Peak Expiratory Flow.
I dont know whether it can come out in exam, but i'm sure you will have to instruct the patient some other day, maybe when you become a houseman.
Sorry if there are any mistakes in the information below.

Your mouth must be empty.
For best results, you should stand.
If you are unable to stand, sit-up straight.

Set the peak flow meter to zero at the bottom of the meter.

Hold in your hand with your thumb and forefinger on the grips and the mouthpiece facing toward you.
Younger children may opt to hold the device with both thumbs underneath and fingers on the grips.
Avoid blocking the vent holes as much as possible and do not allow fingers to interfere with the Peak Indicator.

Take as deep a breath as possible filling your lungs completely with air.

Place your mouth on the mouthpiece, past your teeth and form a tight seal with your lips.
Place your tongue below the mouthpiece.
Make sure your tongue is not blocking the opening at any time.

Blow, or exhale, the air out into the meter as strongly (HARD!) and quickly (FAST!) as you can in a single blow.
This will cause the indicator to move and indicate your peak flow.
Do not spit or cough into the device. If this occurs, repeat this step again.

Reset peak indicator.
(some people say do not reset because the device will automatically point to only the best reading effort)

Repeat the whole test another two times more for a total of three maneuvers.

Once you have completed three maneuvers, record your best effort

You have to know what is normal reading for you.
There is normogram based on age, height and weight. (find out yourself)
There is also a PEF chart. (find out yourself)
Is there any formula for the normogram? i cant find it~


Anonymous said...

nomogram is based on age, height and sex instead of age, height and weight

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