Monday, October 11, 2010

Silverman Score (Silverman-Anderson Index)

The parameters assessed by inspection or auscultation of the upper and lower chest and nares on a scale of 0, 1 or 2 using this system are :

Chest movement

Synchronized vs. minimal lag or sinking of the upper chest as the abdomen rises. In the most extreme instances, a seesaw-like movement of the chest and abdomen is observed and would be given a score of 2.

Intercostal retractions

Retraction between the ribs is rated as none, minimal or marked.

Xiphoid retractions

Similarly retraction below the xiphoid process are rated as none, minimal or marked.

Nasal flaring

There should be no nasal flaring. Minimal flaring is scored 1 and marked flaring is scored 2.

Expiratory grunting

Grunting that is audible with a stethoscope is scored 1, and grunting that is audible without using a stethoscope is scored 2.

As you can see on the slide, the higher the score, the more severe the respiratory distress.


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