Saturday, December 4, 2010

how to count fetal heart rate using pinard stethoscope?

in exam, you will definitely have to use pinard stethoscope to listen to fetal heart
no daptone for you (as far as i know)
you are not just have to listen, but you also have to count the fetal heart rate

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how to use pinard to timing fetal heart rate?

make sure you know which side to put on the patients and which at your ear.
the flat side is at your ear while the 'big hole' side is on the patients
(sorry i dont know the exact name of parts of pinard stethoscope)

put it at anterior shoulder of the fetal

put your ear on the pinard

you have to count the fetal heart rate
count how many heart rate in 6 seconds or 10 seconds
then multiply it to make it 1 minutes

example :
if you count for 6 seconds
you hear 14 beats
so 14 beats x 10 = 140 beats per minutes

so, can someone help me to post tutorial on how to locate anterior shoulder of the fetus in different presentation / lie?


stethoscopes said...

this is a wonderful post.

A lot of people will surely learn from your blog. keep posting.

MAXSON said...

Nice. Coz i have no idea to count for 15. Its so fast.

Gpc Medical said...

Very nice and informative post!
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