Monday, December 13, 2010

which one would you anticipate shoulder dystocia?

EFW 3.6 kg


EFW 4.2 kg

answer : click read more below

3.6 kg

in 4.2 kg, one would anticipate emergency LSCS since there is high chance for poor progress if allow vaginal delivery. SO risk for shoulder dystocia is low.

however, in 3.6 kg, one cannot be sure whether there would be shoulder dystocia until the 2nd stage of labor.

source : SWR with Prof Azlin


~YM~ said...

Haha..dah agak dah. Nie soalan IQ macam placenta praevia:

Which is harder to manage, PP type I, II, III, or IV. Type 2 susah sebab not sure LSCS or not, have to do placenta mapping(and possibly Duplex US of placenta to rule out placenta accreta in a pt with previous LSCS), and problematic if type 2 anterior. Lots of consideration have to be taken into account. But if PP type IV, a definitive LSCS and less placenta-related complications during LSCS. :P

FaDhLi said...

YM, saya postkan la tentang placenta previa tu ye.. hehehe.. :)

~YM~ said...

Yang PP tu tanya lah budak orange ward, mereka sepatutnya tahu lebih banyak mengenai penggunaan duplex color ultrasound tu. Saya pun dengar je..dah lupa sikit dah. -.-"

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