Monday, June 28, 2010

Chest X-Ray in Left Ventricular Failure

A - Alveolar Edema (Bat's Wing)
B - Kerley B lines (Interstitial Edema)
C - Cardiomegaly
D - Dilated prominent upper lobe vessels
E - Pleural Effusion

Thanks to Dr Shahul for asking this question during ward round.



emmzesyra said...

bat's wings is in upward diversion... u can see the diversion in upward direction..
also, u can see fluid in between d fissure (also common sign in CXR for heart failure)- u can see the straight white line in the lung...

Badan Bertindak Akademik PERSIAP 2006/2011 said...

the earliest sign is upper lobe diversion

Sabrina Ng said...

thank you for the info

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