Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Causes of unilateral leg swelling:

Vessel - Artery - acute limb ischemia
Vein - Chronic venous insufficiency (varicose vein), DVT, post-phlebitic leg synd
Lymph - lymphedema (non pitting)
Bone - # , tibia osteomyelitis
Soft tissue - swelling (post-trauma - knee sprain/injury, gastrocnemius muscle tear/haematoma, cruciate knee ligament tear)
Skin - cellulitis
Tumor - osteosarcoma (compression of large veins by tumor)
infection eg filariasis
necrotising fascitis
compartment synd
Ruptured baker's cyst

find it easier to rmb based on the anatomical structure thr:)
Hope it helps:)

Posted by CP,
feel free to comment if i am wrong and if thr's any additional info pls feel free to add:) TQ!


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