Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cincinnati Stroke Scale

if 1 findings abnormal : probability having stroke >72%
if 3 findings abnormal : probability having stroke >85%

this scale usually use in prehospital setting.

Once the diagnosis of stroke is suspected, time in the field must be minimized.

The presence of a patient with acute stroke is a “load and go”.

A more extensive examination or initiation of supportive therapies should be accomplished en route to the hospital.

another similar name :
FAST (facial, arm, speech test)

p/s : doctor in emergency department apply this scale during patient's arrival to ED during my oncall shift in Red Box. So i think we can also use this scale to quickly assess probability of having stroke so that we can decide our further management.


~YM~ said...

Just a reminder for the "load and go", it means send to the hospital immediately. LOAD into a transport and GO to the nearest hospital/stroke center.

NEVER LOAD your patient with aspirin before a CT scan, because you'll never know if it's a hemorrhagic stroke (although <10%), otherwise your patient will GO to heaven. :P

FaDhLi said...

haha! very true!

LOAD into transport
GO to hospital

not load with aspirin :)

immediate management for stroke is CT scan to determine hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke

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