Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Keep diabetis under good control and do not smoke.

Check your feet daily. Report any sores, infection, or unusual signs.

Wash your feet daily.
Use lukewarm water (beware of scalds)
Dry thoroughly, especially between toes
soften dry skin, especially around the heels, with ?lanoline
apply methylated spirits between toes to help stop dampness

attend to toenails regularly
clip them straight cross
do not cut them deep into the corners or too short across

wear clean cotton or wool socks daily; avoid socks with tight elastic tops

exercise the feet each day to help the circulation in them

avoid injury to the foot
wear good-fitting, comfortable leather shoes
shoes must not be too tight
do not walk barefoot, especially ot of doors
do not cut your own toenails if you have difficulty reaching them or have poor eyesight
avoid home treatments and corn pads that contain acids
be careful when you walk
do not use hot water bottles or heating pads on feet
do not test the temperature of water with your feet
take extra care when sitting in front of an open fire or heater


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