Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suicide Risk Assessment (SAD PERSONS) - UPDATED

Score >7 = high suicide risk


1. Have you attempted suicide?
# A : No --> low risk
# B : Yes --> higher risk

2. Have you thought about dead?

3. Have you thought about suicidal (suicidal ideation)?
# No : lower risk
# Yes : higher risk

4. If yes to questions (3) :
# what kind of thought?
# method? (> serious/dangerous method, > higher risk)
# how often you thought of it?
# any specific plan?
# have you told others about the plan?
# have you actually ever attempted? (to reconfirm back with patient)
# what stop you from attempt suicide? (protective factors)
# have you make any suicidal note?
# have you make the will?
# conditions
***if patient method is to drink paraquat, have he bought the paraquat?
***if patient want to jump from high places, ask him whether he live in terrace, condo, apartment

5. ask this to patient who had attempt suicide previously (additional)
# what is the method? evaluate how dangerous is the method
# what is the chance of dying? (lock door, nobody at home, alone, etc...)
# what is the chance of rescue? (anybody at home? has tell others? etc..)
# intention of attempt? (very high? not really want to attempt?)
# what is his/her feeling after being rescued? (relief? angry to the rescuer? etc..)

6. ask to all (other factors)
# psychotic illness?
# severe depression
# alcoholism / substance abuse
# physical illness
# severe stressor
# no support
# live alone
# others.......

So evaluate this patient suicide risk subjectively based on the answers you get prof the patients.
Use logical thinking. ^_^

Teaching from Prof Maniam.


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