Friday, February 25, 2011

Counsel for pap smear

1. Introduction

2. Ask patient if she know what we will do

3. Explain indication

-screening tool for cervical Ca

-yearly for two years,if normal then three yearly

- age 20-65 / once sexually active

4. Explain procedure

- duration is about 5-10 minutes

-no analgesia/ LA/ sedation given

- patient will feel uncomfortable during the procedure

-this is sterile procedure, wash hand,do aseptic technique, wear sterile gloves

- in dorsal position with open leg

- clean the perineum first with sterile water

- do bimanual palpation to know the position of cervix

- insert the Cusco speculum

-visualize if there is any lesion or abnormality if vulva/vagina/cervix

-use Ayre’s spatula to take sample

- rotate the spatula 360⁰

-put the smear on the slide

-make sure the slide have name and RN

- fix the slide with cytofix/ alcohol

-send the slide to lab

-then remove the speculum

-the procedure is finish

5. Explain complication of procedure


-if having heavy bleeding come to hospital ASAP


6. Result

- ready in 1-2 weeks

- if normal, we don’t call. But if abnormal,we will call

- futher management will be done if any abnormalities detected

7. Ask patient if any question

source: workshop and dr. nasir

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