Friday, February 25, 2011

Counsel for blood transfusion

1. Introduction

-To patient and verify patients identity

-Include husband if husband is around

1. Ensure privacy

2. Explain current condition and indication

-Pre-existing anaemia

-Primary PPH

-Post-partum Hb 6g/dL

-She got symptomatic anaemia

3. Explain procedure

- Cross match blood

- Infection screening of blood product : HIV, HepB, HepC

- Transfuse 2 pints of pack cells

- Duration 6 hours/pint

- Diuretic in between to prevent fluid overload

- Repeat FBC after transfusion

4. Explain complication

- acute transfusion reaction

-blood-borne disease : HIV, HepB, HepC

- ABO incompatibility

-volume overload

- need for further transfuse if Hb level not satisfy

5. If patient refuse???

- ask the reason why?

-re-explain and convince the patient

- explain the complication of anaemia : heart failure

- if patient still refuse --> refer to other doctor / specialist

source: workshop
hanisah A115275


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